Time For A Break

Hey guys, I’ve decided to give the whole Bachelor blogging thing a rest. I know it’s not a cool thing to do mid-season, but I’ve really been struggling to find the time to work on it. Thank you so much for all your support. If you want to get in touch for now, please check me out […]

The Bachelor Australia Season 4 Episode 8

Awkward yoga and the wonder of Mudgee

I don’t normally get to watch The Project before The Bachelor because I’m busy putting my kids to bed, but tonight I was able to catch an interview with Megan. This is what I learned: Megan has never heard of the song ‘I Want To Know What Love Is’ by Foreigner. Dr Chris Brown is […]

Bachelor Australia Season 4 Episode 7

Smurf hands and the ‘up for anything’ intruders

I think I felt exactly like the cabin-feverish bachelorettes did last night – bored and irritated. At one point, I was tempted to pull a Megan (more on that later) but I persevered. I even had to ban myself from live tweeting, because after three snarky tweets in a row, I realised I probably didn’t […]

The Bachelor Australia Season 4 Episode 6

The Inaugural Bachelor Games

After watching an epic two hour marathon of the US Bachelor each week, I forget how quickly we zip through two one hour episodes here in Oz. There are actually four more episodes per season here, (six if you count the fact that we don’t really have a Women Tell All or an After the […]

Bachelor Australia Season 4 Episode 5

Bad Bachelorette Moms

Tonight’s episode was kind of a blogger’s dream. There was romance, silliness and just enough drama to make for a very entertaining hour. And amazingly, we barely heard from Keira at all! Bring it on! The girls are all dishevelled, having just woken up the morning after the last rose ceremony. They are wearing a […]

The Bachelor Australia Season 4 Episode 4

Nothing says love like drowning

How is it possible that a show where Keira is given her own dedicated time could actually be less annoying than the other episodes so far? Don’t get me wrong, there was still enough drama – and a particular moment when she over-reacted to one of her fellow Bachelorettes, but overall it was actually a […]

Bachelor Australia Season 4 Episode 3

Aerial Love and Sumo Suits

Oh my God. Can we just skip ahead to when all the mean girls are gone? Normally I wouldn’t be so scathing of women on TV, because I know they’re actual people with feelings, but some of these girls are absolutely horrendous to watch. I’m not silly – I know that the producers ply everyone […]

The Bachelor Australia Season 4 Episode 2

Helicopters, Motorbikes & Greased Lightning

To be honest, tonight’s episode was kind of emotionally draining. I’m not into that bitching stuff at all. Why are the producers giving Keira so much damn screen time? She is not funny or interesting, and she just seems to be complaining for the sake of it. Plus, her facial expression doesn’t ever seem to change, […]

Bachelor Australia Season 4 Episode 1

Fairytales and Mean Girls

Wow! Doesn’t it feel like a lifetime ago since we watched Boy Sam choose Snezana as his girlfriend / potential future wife? Even Girl Sam’s season seems like an eternity ago. We are reminded of Richie’s part in Girl Sam’s season, including their adorable old people date. I remember being quite sad to see him […]

Bachelor Ritchie

Bachelor Richie!

Hey Guys! I want to apologise again for flaking out on the US Bachelorette recaps. Things got a little intense for a while there, but it’s all settled down now and I am pumped to be watching Richie’s journey – which we have finally found out starts on Wednesday July 27th. And as I keep […]