Who am I?

Just a fan of The Bachelor franchise. I admit to stalking past contestants on Twitter and reading every recap I can find after an episode airs. I don’t believe I can compete with the genius that is Lincee Ray at I Hate Green Beans, or Kristen Baldwin at Yahoo TV, but I thought I would try my hand at reporting my take on my favourite reality series. Especially now that it’s in Australia. Bring on Season 4!

As well as blogging, I also like to write books. My first book is called Zen Queen and is available on Amazon for $2.99 (Bachelorettes, this is your chance to get revenge on me by writing a scathing review if you so choose!). But if you don’t want to shell out to read it, I periodically run freebies. I have also just released my third book which you can check out here! Visit my other website for more info!