Juan Pablo

After the final rose – and the new Bachelor!

Like the Men Tell All, there wasn’t a lot to talk about from this episode. I only had three questions – how did Chris feel when watching Des’ meltdown about Brooks? What would happen when Des met Brooks again? And who is the next Bachelor?
All of these were answered, but the only one I was really satisfied with was the third one. Yay for Juan Pablo!
But before we get to the Venezuelan love god, we see Des talking to Chris Harrison about her ‘journey’. She spent a lot of time justifying herself again but didn’t say anything new. He asks her if she’s nervous to see Brooks and she says no. Then he says Brooks doesn’t know what happened at the end, and she giggles nervously while still saying no.
Brooks appears on stage looking awesome. He reminds me of a rock star. A tweet popped up on the screen that made me laugh – Des looks scared that seeing Brooks will bring back old feelings! I totally agreed with that sentiment.
Brooks glances at her hand but doesn’t say anything. He gets a little emotional talking about what happened, but is so gracious when Des tells him about Chris. He says he’s not surprised as he saw the connection they had.
Then Drew comes out and when he smiles he looks just like Jake Pavelka. This kind of scared me a little. But he was lovely again – really being so nice about it all. Although when asked if he was still in love with Des he said no. Flat out.
After a preview of the new series Betrayal (some sort of weird cross promotion again) we see Des and Chris together properly for the first time. They’re still engaged and she’s moving to Seattle on the weekend to live with him. I guess that was the least she could do to prove how she felt.
Chris doesn’t seem bothered by Des’ infatuation with Brooks, even when Chris Harrison asked him a couple of times. He says the fact that she said how great he was really helped.
He then presented a framed poem to Des with dried rose petals from each of the rose ceremonies. I do hope they last. I guess Jason and Molly worked it out so hopefully these two crazy cats will too.
Finally it was time to announce the next Bachelor. The women in the audience screamed themselves into a frenzy as the video clip panned up from the mystery man’s feet to finally reveal his face. I knew as soon as I saw the fluoro wristband who it would be, but that’s neither here nor there. I am pretty happy with this decision. But I can’t believe we have to wait for five more months!
Well it’s been interesting re-capping my favourite show. Now that I’m all warmed up, I’m ready for the Aussie one to air. Bring it on!

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