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Bachelor Sean Wrap-Up

I accidentally read a spoiler on a forum before the finale aired, so naturally I wasn’t surprised by who Sean picked. Damn you people!

I watched it while I was in the midst of a four-week slow carb diet plan, but I felt that it was a worthy enough occasion to have a cheat night.

Pizza, champagne and chocolate were on the menu – perfect Bachelor food. And it tasted especially good after days of eggs, tofu and nuts (slow carb as a vegetarian is tough!).

Anyway, back to the Bachelor. I had to hold my tongue for the entire three hour event while my friend tried to predict the winner. She was leaning towards Lindsay, which meant I felt compelled to play devil’s advocate. Without giving anything away of course.

Lindsay’s voice kind of got to me by the end, and I quite liked Catherine already, so I was happy with Sean’s choice.

The lead up to the finale was dramatic as usual. Who was the letter from? Would Sean be ditched at the altar of love? Ah, no.

The reality was quite mundane… just a note to Sean from Catherine to read before she arrived. Total anti-climax.

Lindsay handled the break-up well. I can’t imagine how much it would have sucked to get that far and then be dumped on national television. And I did like how she took off her shoes and walked back up the path barefoot afterwards. I would probably have done the same thing. Actually, I know I have. Not after a break-up on TV of course, but after a fancy night out to dinner. Usually if I’m wearing new heels that I haven’t broken in yet.

I also felt a bit of a kinship with Catherine because she’s a fellow graphic designer. I almost contemplated writing to her after the show to see if she wanted to form some sort of partnership, but then realised that would probably be kind of weird. Not to mention the logistics of working with someone in a different time zone – who was at the time tagging along after her fiance while he performed on a dancing show.

I still think she’s pretty cool. Sean… not so much. He did seem like a nice guy throughout the season – and quite funny too – but his tweets afterwards really turned me off. He started plugging a sporting supplement claiming he took it before a ‘heavy workout session’. The plugs were so blatant that I couldn’t believe a brand would actually appreciate that kind of advertising. (Did he really take it that often? And did he get heart palpitations as a result?) I un-followed him after that, but then a couple of days ago decided to give him a second chance. I logged onto his profile – and found he is now plugging a men’s skincare range! So definitely not going down that road again.

The show does such a good job of portraying people as particular characters that you almost forget they’re real people with flaws (except for the ‘villain’ – poor Tierra). I should probably stop following contestants once the show is over so I can preserve the fairytale illusion.
I wonder who they will cast for 2014? Apparently it’s not going to be Adam Scott, the Aussie golfer. But I don’t mind because at least we’ll have our own whole series by the end of the year. Woo-hoo!

On a final note, I saw that Brad Womack is currently dating AshLee. They seem like such an unusual match, but I hope they find happiness together. As much as I like to make fun of this franchise, I always secretly hope for a happy ending for everyone.

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