Semi Final Fever

Wow. Can you believe we’re up to the second last episode of the season already?

I read that they weren’t sure how successful an Aussie Bachelorette series would be, which is why they only organised a five week ‘journey’ for Sam. Part of me wants to have a rant about the sexist implication of it all, but then the majority of the viewing audience is female, and they would have stats from the US, so we really only have ourselves to blame. Why do we find it more acceptable for a man to choose from 25 women than a woman choosing from 14 men?

With that said, apparently this Aussie Bachelorette has done much better than expected, with producers suggesting that other countries will be looking to what they did in order to improve their own series next year.

If you’re really interested in the ‘science’ behind the popularity of the Bachelor vs the Bachelorette, check out this article:

On a completely different note, I read an interview during the week where Sam said she thinks people will be surprised by who she sends home this week. For a moment there, I was intrigued. What does this mean? Will Sasha be sent packing?

Er, no. Sam sends home exactly who everyone thinks she’s going to send home. Which almost certainly means Sasha is going to be her final pick.

Anyway, let’s get to the actual recapping.

Sam is walking along the harbour beach, trailing a stick in the sand (possibly to draw combinations of her new surname surrounded by love hearts?) and talking about how amazing her final three guys are.

We watch as a black Citroen winds along a country lane. Sasha is in the back, blindfolded.

‘Maybe Sam’s kidnapped me,’ he muses. ‘That would be nice.’

Meanwhile, Sam races ahead to greet him at an airfield. She wants to help Sasha get over his fear of heights by forcing him to jump out of a plane.

Sasha pulls up at the airfield and is finally allowed to remove his blindfold. ‘Oh shit,’ he says as the realisation kicks in. ‘Hopefully it’s just a helicopter ride… only I don’t see any helicopters…’

‘I’m worried Sasha is going to hate me, but I think it’s important that I can show him I have his back,’ Sam tells us. (How? By making him do something he doesn’t want to do?)

‘We’re going skydiving,’ she tells him. Like he doesn’t already know.

‘Oh, yay,’ he replies in a monotone.

There’s the usual talk of taking a leap of faith, blah blah blah… and then they change into blue jumpsuits and fly off in a tiny plane with a clear roller door.

‘How safe is that door?’ Sasha asks nervously. ‘Is it going to stay closed?’

‘Only until we open it,’ the instructor replies. Smart arse.

In the air, Sasha tells Sam that he’s excited for her but scared for himself. Sam distracts him with some hugs and kisses.

The roller door is opened, and Sasha is hurled out of the plane with an instructor. He handles it surprisingly well, but I definitely felt the tension through the TV.

Sam, on the other hand, is super excited. She shrieks and hoots all the way down.

When they land, Sasha is happy and relieved, but Sam is not. She is lightheaded and nauseous. A paramedic is called over (if this was the US, an ambulance would be called and a hospital visit arranged). Sam lies on the grass while they check her blood pressure, which is a tad high.

Sasha comforts her, and I think this is the final nail in the other two guys’ coffins.

When Sam has recovered, they go and sit in another outdoor scene of couch, coffee table, beautiful flower arrangement and afternoon tea. They drink wine and talk about how much Sasha’s family loved Sam.

Sasha tells her that he sees himself with her forever. But then for some reason, Sam comes over all insecure.

‘I don’t have nice things, and I’m worried that at the end, whoever I pick won’t be happy that it’s just me.’

Sasha assures her that he doesn’t care about material stuff and re-iterates that he’s falling more and more in love with her.

‘I have let down nearly all my guards,’ he tells her. ‘There’s only like one or two left… a skeletal crew.’

Aw. I must admit that these two are great together and I won’t be sad if Sam picks him.

The next day, Sam is catching up with Richie. Sam tells us how happy he makes her and how sweet he is. She also loves that he says ‘cool bananas’ all the time.

Sam waits for him at another airfield, but this time it does actually involve a helicopter. Richie shows up looking really cute in a trendy beanie and wintery type clothing.

Sam tells him that they’ll be heading off to the snow for the day. This will be Richie’s first time, so he’s super excited – enough to call out ‘cool bananas’ as he gets in the helicopter.

They land at Falls Creek and Richie says it looks just like in the movies. They throw poorly constructed snowballs at each other (I don’t know which part of the snow they were in, but you could see grass poking through, so it mustn’t have been a very good spot) and then lie on the ground to make snow angels.

Richie carts Sam around on his back for a bit and then they collapse into a playful heap of kisses.

That evening, they go to a lodge and sit by a fireplace while Sam encourages Richie to share why he’s not being more open with his feelings.

I am so distracted by how handsome Richie is! How can Sam even concentrate?

I guess the stuttering is a bit off-putting. Richie struggles to tell Sam how it’s been hard for him to open up due to past failed relationships, but that he’s falling…. and ready for love. It wasn’t quite as straightforward as Sasha’s declaration, but it was good enough.

Sam is like ‘Oh good. I was worried you weren’t feeling the same way as me.’

‘Shit, no,’ is his hilarious reply. (But sadly I think Richie’s feelings are actually stronger than Sam’s.)

It’s time for Sam to meet up with the last of her guys. Michael greets her down by the water and does his usual slick complimenting and hugging routine. Damn, he’s good.

Sam tells him that they’re about to head off for some whale watching. Both of them have never been and seem unusually excited.

They hop on a jet boat with twenty empty seats, yet Sam sits on Michael’s lap. Michael tells Sam how his parents miss her already. He then tells Sam that his mum proposed to his dad and asks if she would do the same.

‘Oh, look, we’re under the Harbour Bridge,’ Sam says.

‘Haha. You didn’t answer my question.’

‘Actually, yeah, I probably would.’

‘Some guys just have to be shown, I think. Given a little push.’

Sam LOVES this.

Once out in the open water, they stop right beside a whale. Michael is amazed. ‘It’s a real whale!’

Sam and Michael snuggle up and enjoy the show. They look really comfortable together – and so pretty.

Back on land, Sam leads him over to dinner at the aquarium. They sit at a table set up right next to one of the big tanks. Sharks and swordfish swim overhead as they eat. Michael talks about how he’s normally a tracksuit guy (I find this hard to believe as he could give Ricky Martin a run for his money!) and Sam hints about how she likes the normal stuff in relationships.

Michael says he’s really falling for her, and then follows it up a minute later with ‘it’s the unspoken moments I appreciate – that’s why I’m falling in love with you.’

Sam shows her appreciation by making out with him.

It’s time for the second last rose ceremony! The guys do their now usual separate musing around the mansion.

Sam arrives via limo, wearing a dress with feathers on the shoulders and a massive black statement ring on her middle finger.

Osher gives his little speech. I have to admit I don’t really listen to him anymore when he talks. His suit was grey and his tie was red. That’s all I remember.

Sam tells the guys how difficult this week is – and I feel like it’s actually true this time.

Roses go to:

  • Sasha


  • Michael

Poor Richie is walked out. At least Osher doesn’t say ‘Richie, you didn’t receive a rose’ – hopefully he’s been reading my blog and saw how annoying that was.

Richie handles his exit really well. I have a feeling he’s not going to be single for long. And if he is, it’s probably because he’ll be training for the next Bachelor. If they could iron out Sam’s bogan tendencies, I’m sure they could smooth out Richie’s stuttering in time for next year. (Sorry, that sounded a bit harsh, but I didn’t mean it to!)

Who’s excited for tonight? Is there anyone who thinks she won’t pick Sasha? And I mean for real, not just because you want her to pick Michael.

We’ll find out in mere hours! See you tomorrow!

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