The “amazing journey” is finally over…

Eek! So what do you think? Was it all worth it in the end? I kind of think so. I’m such a sucker for a fairytale ending. I hate watching the runner up get sent home, and I think it was a bit unfair for Kaitlyn to let it go so far with hers, but the final moments couldn’t have gone better. Let’s hope those two crazy kids make it!

But before we get into too much detail, let’s recap what ended up being one of my favourite episodes of the whole season.

The show opens with some strong declarations of feelings from Kaitlyn. ‘When I look at Nick, I know that I’m in love. But Shawn just fits in. I’m in love with two guys.’

Cut to the live studio audience in LA, where Chris Harrison promises a dramatic ending that you won’t believe (I don’t think I’ll get my hopes up, buddy). Why use words like shocking when it really isn’t?

The whole Nick and Shawn rivalry thing is milked for all it’s worth, and I think even the guys are sick of it being brought up.

We rejoin them, still in Utah, where they’re packing up to return to the West Coast. I actually had to pause and rewind, because it looked to me as if Nick was packing a tiny midriff top.

Yep. He really is. I hope it’s for his little sister Bella. Otherwise we have some things to discuss.


Kaitlyn is already back ‘home’ staying in some mega mansion with her family, and awaiting the guys’ arrival.

Let me just say, I LOVE her family. They are sweet and funny and sooo supportive. And apparently they don’t mind hearing that their daughter / sister had sex on television with the guy being introduced today.

‘I screwed up a couple of times,’ Kaitlyn admits to them. ‘Nick and I had some off camera time… thinks went a little too far…’

Sister Haley is open-minded, but Mum is going to need some persuading. ‘I already have an opinion on Nick,’ she warns Kaitlyn.

Nick arrives, and isn’t nervous at all. Yet.

‘I filled my family in on some stuff,’ Kaitlyn begins.

‘Like what?’ Nick asks, now visibly nervous. You can almost hear his thoughts. Please don’t say that you told them about our hook-up. Please don’t say that you told them about our hook-up.

‘Like that you didn’t get out of the limo…’

Phew. Nick exhales.

‘But I also told them about how we had sex…’

Nick’s facial expression is priceless.

‘I wasn’t freaked out before, but I am now!’ he says.

‘I’m like, getting stressed for you,’ Kaitlyn giggles.

Nick brings flowers and scotch for the family. He gives Kaitlyn’s dad an awkward hug. Kaitlyn’s mum says that Nick isn’t Kaitlyn’s usual type, but she hopes he’s here for the right reasons.

They all sit down to eat near the pool. Nick admits that he went on Andi’s season for the experience, but he came on Kaitlyn’s season for her. Mum pulls Nick aside for a one-on-one chat and grills him about their “physical” relationship.

Nick holds it together pretty well, telling her how much he loves Kaitlyn. He even tears up a little. Mum gives her immediate seal of approval.

Next up is Dad. Nick has the speech down pat this time. Bam, bam, bam – this is why I’m the guy for your daughter. Dad approves within five seconds and the deal is done!

Flash to the studio audience, and is that Nick’s family in the front row? Dear God! Why would they put themselves through this? Nick’s mum is crying, and they don’t look like happy tears. Uh-oh.

The next day is Shawn’s turn. Everyone is Team Nick right now, so now it’s Shawn who has his work cut out for him. Mum worries that Shawn might be a crazy jealous person. Because guys are apparently supposed to be cool with their girlfriend sleeping with other guys.

Shawn arrives, bringing flowers and a jar of something red. He also brings a souvenir for Haley’s kids. She’s suddenly on Team Shawn.

Shawn shares the story of how he shared a photo of Kaitlyn with his buddies after she got ditched by Chris S and said he was coming for her. Aww… everyone else is suddenly Team Shawn.

Mum pulls him aside and brings up the topic of Nick. Yikes! But Shawn handles it well and talks about how there won’t be any trust issues once they’re exclusive.

Haley confirms she is on Team Shawn. ‘You guys are connected already,’ she tells Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn is blown away. ‘This is huge!’ she says in awe. (I think this was the final nail in Nick’s coffin.)

Shawn does his pitch to Dad and then gets Mum back over too to ask for their blessing. Blessings are given with 1000% approval.

Everyone hugs and Shawn is psyched to propose in a couple of days.

Back in the studio, Nick’s family looks even more depressed. Oh dear.

Nick gets a final date, and he meets Kaitlyn on a catamaran at Marina Del Ray. He talks about how he sees their families interacting at future events, and Kaitlyn makes a joke about this whole process being a ‘quick ride’ for Nick (I know. I’m not going to go there.)

‘If Shawn weren’t here, it would be an easy decision,’ Kaitlyn says.

They take a break and go get ready for dinner. They discuss the weird timing of their relationship before she came on the show and how his feelings are way stronger than they were for Andi.

‘I got you something. It’s in my bedroom,’ Nick says. (I know. I’m not going to go there.)

Kaitlyn is keen to see what he’s got in his bedroom. And there is in fact a gift waiting – a photo and poem in a cute frame. ‘It’s hard for me to envisage this not ending well,’ Nick muses.

‘Right in this moment, Nick feels like the guy for me,’ Kaitlyn says. It’s funny how she has to put a caveat on every statement she makes about him though.

The next morning, Kaitlyn meets up with Shawn. Kaitlyn is feeling all weird because she doesn’t want Shawn to feel weird, but then they both feel weird and have an uncomfortable picnic at Saddle Rock.

Kaitlyn admits that she loves how Shawn makes her feel – and I think that tells us right then and there who the winner will be. The one who makes the Bachelor or Bachelorette feel the best about themselves is almost always the last person standing.

‘Do you have sunscreen on?’ Kaitlyn asks Shawn.

‘Yes, thanks Mom,’ Shawn replies, laughing.

They then try to push through the weirdness, but while Shawn said he wasn’t nervous before, he is now.

‘If I don’t get any answers by the end of the night, I’m not getting down on one knee,’ he says.

They regroup for drinks later on, and talk about what it will be like for Shawn to watch the season if he’s picked.

‘I’ll call you and I’ll be like I can’t believe you made out with Joe!

‘You think you’ll laugh about it?’ Kaitlyn asks.

‘That bit, yeah,’ he says.

Can I just say that I totally love Shawn?

They talk about how they’ll keep the spark alive in six or seven years when they’re married with kids.

‘I’m excited for that,’ Shawn assures her. He just wants to start making memories.

He then gives her his gift, which is appropriately, a jar of memories.

Can I just say again how much I love Shawn?

Kaitlyn ends the evening freaking out about having to blindside someone. And I think when she says ‘someone’ she really means Nick.

The studio audience is quiet. Nick’s mum is on the verge of hyperventilating.

And the day has finally arrived!

A shirtless Shawn and an already dressed Nick stand on their respective balconies contemplating the rest of the day. Shawn practices his speech, but is interrupted by a knock at the door.

For a second, I think it’s Kaitlyn. Wow! Is this the shocking part of the season we didn’t see coming?

Oh, wait. Of course not. It’s Neil Lane. Shawn picks out a blingy ring and sends him on his way.

Switch to Nick. Who is funnily enough waiting for that door knock and hoping it’s not Kaitlyn.

When Neil arrives, he sees this as a good sign (ouch – sorry, buddy!). He then picks out an equally blingy ring and finalises what he’s going to say in his proposal.

Night falls and Kaitlyn arrives at the Bachelor mansion to greet Chris Harrison. He leads her to the deck by the pool.

At this point, I wasn’t 100% sure who was going to be the first to step out of the limo. I mean, I kind of knew, but you can never be too sure with this crazy show (and when you purposely avoid Reality Steve).

But then…. it’s Nick. He meets Kaitlyn on the deck and gives a lovely speech. But Kaitlyn’s face is stony, and I wonder how he doesn’t pick up on any cues. But then, in a situation like this, there really is no normal.

Just before Nick actually gets down on one knee, Kaitlyn stops him. They argue, and Nick is confused. They argue for a bit longer, and then he leaves.

We watch as he rides in the limo, in shock. In the end, I actually quite liked Nick, so I hope he finds love soon. Just maybe not on TV.

The studio audience is in tears, with Nick’s long-suffering parents and siblings leading the charge.

After a quick break, Shawn arrives. Kaitlyn is smiling, and they kiss a couple of times before Shawn gives his speech. Kaitlyn gives hers, drawing out the pause before her final confession of love for a bit too long, and then Shawn proposes.

And there we have it. Hopefully these two last a bit longer than the last few couples.

I don’t have much to say about the After The Final Rose special. I obviously wanted to see if Shawn and Kaitlyn were still together, but I didn’t think it was necessary to bring Nick along so that both Shawn and Kaitlyn could ‘get closure’. You could tell it was the last thing they felt like doing. Chris Harrison grills Nick about his pre-existing relationship with Kaitlyn, and then he grills Kaitlyn. At that point, I don’t think anyone really cared. And neither Shawn nor Nick looked as if they wanted to talk to each other, although they did admit that they shouldn’t have been so petty about their feud, because it gave the producers the wrong kind of material.

And although I normally love Chris Harrison, he came across as kind of pushy tonight. I guess there wouldn’t have been anything to talk about otherwise, but still…

Plus, I really don’t think it was necessary to ask Kaitlyn what it felt like at the moment she sent Nick home. We obviously saw how crap it was. But Kaitlyn admits that in hindsight, she should have let him go earlier.

Nick tries to say something, but Chris cuts him off. Nick tries to leave, but is forced to stay at least until the ads start rolling.

But after the break, Shawn has replaced Nick and the happy couple are reunited. Shawn says he’s glad he can defend his girl now, and they can’t wait to go to Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts.

So another season is over! Will Ben H be the next Bachelor? Will you watch? Thanks for joining me each week as I ramble on about the show we hate to love.

For you US readers, I may see you again next year. For you Aussie ones, I’ll see you tomorrow after the premiere of our third season of the Bachelor!

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