Breaking ‘girl code’

While our US counterparts are hanging out in Mexico and engaging in sexual activity in a hot tub on camera (after the guy had led on another woman who happened to be a mother and widow), our sweet little Aussies are doing innocent things, like chasing sheep around a paddock and bobbing for apples. Except […]


The Groundhog Date

I’m not sure if this happens often because I don’t really watch it, but tonight on The Project, Sandra made an appearance. It was interesting to see if she was just as loud and crazy as she was portrayed on the show. The answer is… sort of. She’s not a mellow person by any means, […]


The group date groupie and the world’s longest kiss

…And we’re back for another week of the show we kind of hate to love. Although so far this season, it’s actually been quite a nice show to watch… if you take out Sandra’s voice, which sounds like fingernails being scratched down a chalkboard. I normally don’t pick on contestants’ flaws (unless they can be […]


Nothing says love like a pit of jelly and superhero costumes.

I like how they dive right in with this show. Today, after a quick recap from last night we watch as Heather sits dreamily on an outdoor seat, sketching something in her journal. On closer inspection, we see that she’s actually designing a superhero costume. Awesome. So she’s really going through with her threat of a […]


Breaking the rules…. apparently.

TONIGHT! Sam’s breaks all the rules! At least that’s what the producers will have you believe. Sam greets the day overlooking the harbour, decked out in a red singlet and black running shorts while musing about love. ‘I am not here to settle,’ he tells us. ‘I am here to do backflips for the rest […]


The Great Dirty Bond Ghost

The sun rises over the Bachelor mansion, signalling a new day and a fresh start. Although from what I’ve heard, that first night can go right through until the early hours of the next morning, so the women might not be feeling quite as refreshed as expected. They all gather in the lounge-room, rocking their […]


The abs are back!

Welcome back fellow Bachelor fans! Doesn’t it seem like an eternity ago that Blake chose Sam and then changed his mind, swapping her over for Louise? It seems to have worked out well for all concerned though. Blake and Louise still appear to be blissfully happy, and Sam is set to rock it as our […]


The Bachelor Australia 2015 is almost here!

Well, it’s official! Sam Wood will begin his TV journey to find love on Wednesday the 29th July. Episodes will air twice a week on Wednesdays and Thursdays, so I’m very glad there will be little, if any overlap between this season and the US Bachelorette. I can’t wait to see where this crazy show […]


The latest Bachelor has been revealed!

It looks like it’s almost that time of year again! The Bachelor Australia announced their latest guy this morning – a lovely looking man called Sam Wood. Sam is a personal trainer who works with a children’s health and fitness company called Gecko Kids. Aww… And after watching a short clip of him talking about […]


After the final rose…

I kind of feel like I should write a little post following all the craziness that has come out in the past week, but there isn’t a lot to say that hasn’t already been said by all the other media outlets. So instead, I’ll just summarise a few of the things I’ve read (or watched […]