Finale Madness

OK – well that didn’t really go according to plan, did it? I’ll address some of the rumours and what I know happened after the series finished at the end of this post. But first, let’s just pretend we’re all taking the show at face value and enjoying the final episode of what ended up […]


Dropping the L-bomb

Ooh! How exciting! We are mere hours away from the end of what has been the longest Bachelor season in history! I can’t believe I’m still recapping at episode number 19! Tonight, we finally leave Australia for Cape Town in South Africa. Blake admits that he is falling for three women, which must be slightly […]


You can’t rush lasting…

And we’re back to the Bachelor we all know and love. Tonight was great! We got to witness a little bit of everything… a shirtless Blake… some gorgeous Australian scenery… a few make-out sessions and declarations of almost-love… and a semi-shock ending. So let’s get to it! You don’t realise how much you miss those […]


Flashback Overdose

Sorry guys, but this is going to be a brief one today. I was so looking forward to the Women Tell All, but it ended up being about fifty-five minutes of old footage and five minutes of new. So I’ll do my best, but don’t expect an in-depth analysis combined with my usual lame attempt […]


Taking a leap of faith…

Can I just say how much I love Rove? Not only because I shared a surname with him until recently, but because he is clearly a fan of The Bachelor. Just as The Project was ending last night, he started vigorously rubbing his eye. Tonight was kind of a weird episode. I think Blake must […]


I can never tell which Laurina I’m going to get…

I was starting to wonder if this season would have any more tricks up its sleeve – and it seems as though yes, it does. There’s a bit to talk about tonight, so we’ll jump right in. There are only six girls left. This really is starting to get down to the pointy end. Everyone […]


The pink elephant in the room…

We’re finally down to where you almost can’t tell who’s going to be sent packing at the end of the episode. This week I did feel it would come down to Zoe and Chantal, but interestingly enough, only one of them was in the bottom two. OAG passes through the mansion and drops off a […]


Maverick and Foxy

It’s very telling when I come out of an episode with two less pages of notes than usual, and it just happens to coincide with a lack of Laurina in the house. As a result, I’ve decided Blake should keep her around until the final four just so I have enough content to write about! […]


Jess is a bit ‘spirit fingers’

Can I just ask where Laurina’s sense of humour has been hiding until now? Tonight, her impression of Jess was hilarious (if not slightly mean). Just this facial expression alone had me rewinding and watching again: Not to mention the commentary about Jess having a dance background so she’s a bit ‘spirit fingers’. And then […]


The f***ing DOG gets a date?

Tonight’s episode opened with promises of luxuriously fancy dates. Helicopter rides… Ferraris… and a street side pie shop (the latter set aside especially for our resident diva). I couldn’t wait. With some tricky camera work, we zoom in from space and into the window of our Bachelorette mansion. The girls are speculating on how the […]