If Blake doesn’t want to marry Louise, I will.

I’ve decided that Blake would be perfectly suited to living in a country that allowed multiple wives. Because seriously, I don’t know how he manages to make nearly every single Bachelorette feel like they’re an exclusive couple. You can usually tell this far in to the season who the final two or three girls are […]


Jess’ monopolaising of Blake

Oh my… to use one of Chantal’s words, tonight’s episode was a doozy. The drama this week didn’t revolve around the new girls fighting it out with the old as you might expect, but everyone (except Lisa) getting mad at Jess for kissing Blake on a group date. More on that later. Because first, the […]


I’m better than 10 minutes…

Poor Blake. The boy deserves a medal for the way he handled last night’s spectacle. I suppose as an ex-topless waiter, you would be used to dealing with drunken emotional women, so his training definitely came in handy this week. In fact, maybe they should prescribe a stint at the local cocktail bar to all […]


Passion of the Christ

I read an article during the week, which revealed that a particular bachelorette (who I will name later) had talked about her new boyfriend before we even watched her be kicked off the show. It will be interesting to see if she suffers any legal repercussions for posting a picture of herself and her non-Blake […]


Simultaneous Dating

Are you kidding me? This show has been kicking girls off at the slowest pace in all of Bachelor history, and just when we get to an episode where they finally send three home, next week advertises the arrival of more? It’s kind of cool though. I definitely didn’t see that coming. And while I […]


Well this episode was a bit of a mixed bag. I can’t say I really enjoyed the private time Blake spent with his chosen ladies this week, but I won’t go into that now. First, we have to watch the obligatory recap to remind us that Holly left. I know she was upset so I’ll […]


The many layers of the Blake onion

Apologies for the late post, but this is the way it’s going to have to be while The Bachelor insists on playing episodes two nights in a row. So just to clarify, while this keeps happening, the Thursday episode recap won’t be up until Friday night when my beautiful, but time-consuming boys are in bed. […]


Blake, Laurina and her two side boobs

I have to hand it to the Bachelor for manipulating me into a frenzied rollercoaster of switched allegiances last night. One minute I was like ‘oh, do we like Anita now?’ to suddenly going ‘but maybe Laurina is just misunderstood’. And then there’s Sam, who seems like the sweet girl next door, yet she keeps […]


Winter Wonderlands and Fantasy Photo Shoots

Wow – two nights of Bachelor in a row! I almost can’t take it! (Seriously, I really cannot take this much Bachelor related TV in one week!) It’s only been 24 hours, but for those with short term memory problems, we are shown a recap of the previous night’s antics. My favourite bit was where […]

Bachelor Australia Season 2 Episode 1

Princesses, Dog Groomers and Women with Balls

Before we begin, I just want to write a little love note to the producers of this show. Thank you for injecting the perfect level of drama, craziness and anticipation into the beginning of this season. Thank you for not resorting to anti-climactic stunts (I’m looking at you US Bachelorette with your mysterious letters that […]