Red rose petals

Pre-Season Predictions!

Hi all! Welcome back if it’s the first time you’ve visited since Tim cautiously selected Anna as his new girlfriend. But I must say, his reluctance to propose doesn’t seem to have been a factor, because they’re still together! That’s like thirty years in Bachelor time! I contemplated blogging the US Bachelor but was glad […]


The Bachelor Australia is Back!

I am so excited! Season 2 of the Aussie Bachelor is starting earlier than last year! In fact, the first episode airs the same week as the final episode for this season’s US Bachelorette – so perfect timing! I haven’t read much about our latest guy yet, but Blake looks like a sweetie. There are […]


After the Final Rose / Women Tell All

That was actually a lot more fun than I expected it to be. Maybe it was because I had very low expectations and didn’t think I would witness anything even remotely interesting. After the Final Rose is usually a big snoozefest (unless they’ve broken up already) that ends with the next Bachelor announcement, which is […]

Bachelor Australia Finale

The moment we really have all been waiting for…

Naw… I love a happy ending. And I’m glad they didn’t show the After The Final Rose straight away. I would at least like my 24 hours of ignorant bliss to pretend everything is still going well (which apparently it is so I don’t even have to fake it!). In Jason Mesnick’s season in the […]

Bachelor Australia Episode 11

That’s really special to hear…

Well I’ve certainly learnt my lesson. Do not type up 3/4 of your recap on an iPad and assume that it will be there when you go back! I thought I’d get any early start this morning and write everything up on my trusty Apple device while the rest of the fam was getting ready […]


“Interpretating” the most boring episode yet

*Yawn* What an un-inspiring hour of television. Not that it was the production team’s fault. They just didn’t seem to have much to work with this week. After watching the usual exit montage from the previous episode, we see a preview of three things that have potential for interest: one lucky girl landing a theme […]


I’d love a pearl… bracelet

It was an episode that started off sexy and ended in tears. Rochelle landed a date involving pearls, and three girls attempted some acrobatics off the side of a boat with one ending up in hospital. Despite the content being mildly interesting, I was actually a bit bored by it all. But my job here […]


Swept away in Broome

Well… I’m sure social media was ablaze with condolences for the unlucky lady whose journey came to an end last night. She was a popular one amongst viewers, but sadly, not enough for Tim. I refused to look at any Bachelor related posts on Facebook or Twitter until 8.30pm QLD time because for some reason […]


Penny the Underdog

Well the Bachelor certainly threw us all for a loop tonight, huh? All the previews were meant to make us believe that the rose ceremony had something to do with Dani, but I secretly assumed that Tim was going to kick off more girls than he needed to. In the past, there has been the […]