The Aussie Bachelor has started filming!

Finding any mention of the Aussie Bachelor is proving to be quite tricky! There’s still no word on who it will actually be (although I heard that they might make the announcement next week!) but apparently they started filming on the 9th of July in Bayview, Sydney. This will go up until September 15 and […]


The First Aussie Bachelor?

I’m not really up with the Sydney social scene, so I’d never heard of John Ibrahim. What do you think? Do you think he is the right pick for the show’s first Australian series? Apparently he spends a lot of time in Kings Cross, likes reading crime novels and has recently split from his partner. […]

The Bachelor – Australia!

I am so excited! The Bachelor is finally making a series in Australia! Please Shine, do it justice! I’m glad Australia is getting with the times and developing its own version of this awesome franchise (yes, it’s awesome and I don’t care what you say!). We already have The Biggest Loser, MasterChef, The Voice and […]