Bachelor Ben!

All of my wishes have come true! Finally, we are getting the latest US Bachelor on our screens here in Oz mere hours after it airs there! It begins tonight at 8.30 on Channel 9Life, and I’m pretty excited! I went back and forth on whether to recap this season – and have finally decided […]


Bachelor Update

Hi All! Well, as you can probably guess, I have decided not to blog the US Bachelor this year as usual. If we hadn’t been promised two Aussie seasons this year, I probably would have, but if you count two Bachelors, two Bachelorettes and a possible Bachelor in Paradise, that works out to be more […]


Juan Pablo!

I can’t believe we’re starting another season of The Bachelor already! The Aussie one certainly provided more than adequate entertainment during the US off-season, and I’m looking forward to the next one already. With that said, (see, what I did there? I used a Bachelorism) I’ve decided not to recap Juan Pablo’s journey. Besides having […]

The Bachelor’s Funniest Moments

The producers of our favourite show decided to remind us how much we love / hate the franchise by putting on an hour-long special recapping some of its craziest moments. Plus, we got to see a sneak peek of Des’ season! This blooper special actually lowered my opinion of the show further than I thought […]

Sean Lowe

Bachelor Sean Wrap-Up

I accidentally read a spoiler on a forum before the finale aired, so naturally I wasn’t surprised by who Sean picked. Damn you people! I watched it while I was in the midst of a four-week slow carb diet plan, but I felt that it was a worthy enough occasion to have a cheat night. […]