Semi-important announcement

Hi all, I hate to do this after committing to a season, but I’m going to have to take a break from recapping the US Bachelorette. I just started a new job, (actually two if you count a beta reading gig I picked up on the side) and I’m struggling to manage everything around my […]


Meatheads and Zero Chance Flavour

Wow – JoJo is all about the kissing if tonight’s preview is anything to go by! Surely some of that must be from future episodes. Not that I think it’s a bad thing. Isn’t the best part of being the Bachelor or Bachelorette the fact you’re allowed to kiss as many people as you want […]

The Bachelorette Season 12 Episode 1

… and we’re back!

Ah. It’s like stepping into a warm bubble bath with a glass of champagne. Another season of The Bachelorette has begun, and I’m settling into the now VERY familiar routine of watching one lucky lady’s journey to find love. Of course we couldn’t start without rehashing JoJo’s almost win from Ben’s season. I still find […]

The Bachelorette


This season of The Bachelorette (US) somehow snuck up on me without warning! I was checking the TV guide yesterday and saw it starts tomorrow! I’m pretty happy JoJo has been chosen, and I’m going to be in double celebration mode because my new book comes out too! (I swear I didn’t time it that way!) So […]


The “amazing journey” is finally over…

Eek! So what do you think? Was it all worth it in the end? I kind of think so. I’m such a sucker for a fairytale ending. I hate watching the runner up get sent home, and I think it was a bit unfair for Kaitlyn to let it go so far with hers, but […]


The Men Tell All (with extra snark)

I think the Men Tall All has great potential, but it never seems to follow through. Tonight there were a few interesting moments, but no more than usual considering it’s supposed to be ‘the most controversial Bachelorette season ever’. Chris Harrison opens the show, suggesting that the cause of all this drama is either because […]


The one with the fantasy suites and hometowns…

There seem to be a few certainties in Bachelor World: If someone says ‘nothing can possibly go wrong’ then you know for sure that something will. If the preview shows out of control drama that can’t possibly be real, it probably isn’t. I should be used to it by now. This week we saw a […]


Dropping the Nick bomb

I have to admit, I was kind of looking forward to tonight so we could get the admission out of the way and see where the chips fell. I haven’t read any spoilers this season, but I got the feeling that Shawn would make it to the final three, and I was keen to see […]


The Nick and Shawn Show

Jeez. This season really is a train wreck. I feel like the producers want to punish Kaitlyn for winning the Bachelorette title or something. I’m wondering if Britt is counting her blessings now. Before we start, I want to apologise for the late post. I’ve been away for a few days and purposely didn’t take […]


The One About Nothing

I feel as if tonight was like the concept of Seinfeld – it was a show about nothing. At least Seinfeld was funny and entertaining. Tonight wasn’t either of those. We open with Jared saying he doesn’t want any drama, but then watch as Ian pulls Kaitlyn aside for the showdown we mostly already saw […]