Two Steps Back

I think I’ve become too emotionally invested in this show. I mean, I already knew I bordered on obsessed, but each week this season, I’ve felt kind of nauseous by the end of the episode. And granted, a lot of the issues have come about because of Kaitlyn’s decisions, but I still hope there’s a […]


Return of the Villain Viall

I have to be honest. I didn’t really enjoy last night. There was so much staged drama that I forgot I was supposed to be watching a reality show. I know from the years of experience I have with this franchise that they tend to go overboard with all the bickering and the ‘he’s not […]


Bromances Gone Wild

Oh. My. God. I can’t even. (And you know it’s serious when I’m resorting to grammatically incorrect sentences.) What on earth did I just watch? I don’t know how the producers continually dream up new depths of awkwardness to subject us to, but they’ve got it down to a fine art. I have like over […]


Make-outs, knock-outs and having it out…

And we’re off with a bang! I felt strangely unsettled tonight. Maybe it was the showdown between Kaitlyn and Kupah at the end – or maybe it was JJ’s douchey personality – I don’t know. Tonight just had a strange vibe. Anyway, Chris Harrison shows up to have a little chat with Kaitlyn on her […]


And the lucky Bachelorette is…

I’m glad they didn’t keep us waiting tonight. After a mere 60 seconds of recap, we watch as Chris Harrison makes his way outside to tell the first woman her fate. Because this has never been done before, we wonder if they’ll follow the usual pattern of breaking the bad news first, or if they’ll […]


The most awkward season of The Bachelorette yet!

We should have known… with a two part premiere, of course they were going to drag out the announcement for as long as possible. I wasn’t sure if I was going to recap this season, but seeing as Channel 10 is still being tight-lipped about when they’re going to start this year’s Aussie Bachelor, I […]


It’s finally over!

*sigh* Most anticlimactic finale ever. And I don’t know what it is about Josh, but I just don’t love him. I can see how he is a great match for Andi, and he seems cute and genuine, but he just isn’t my type. Unlike Jef (swoon!) who I would have gone after personally had I […]


The Jerry Springer Bachelor Special

I’m sorry but did they make a hybrid Dr Oz / Jerry Springer series while I wasn’t watching? Seriously, The Bachelorette was just ridiculous last night. I sat through the preview shaking my head thinking it couldn’t possibly be THAT crazy. But yes. It was THAT crazy. Except for the couple of red herrings they […]


Love in ‘The Dominican’

It’s getting down to the pointy end of the season, and the spoiler I read a few weeks ago is still on track to be true, damn it. I won’t reveal it here, but if you’re really keen to find out, Google will tell you. It’s down to Josh and Nick, so the only question […]


Ho-hum Hometowns

I read a few comments on social media this morning saying how people approved of the way they handled announcing Eric’s death. I’m not sure I totally agree. The fact that they kept previewing it before each ad break made me feel icky – like, why I am looking forward to this again? I even […]