Mussels in Brussels

Tonight didn’t really bring many surprises, even though the preview would like us to think otherwise. Why was Nick crying? Did Andi finally get sick of his over-sized scarves? Probably not, judging by the fact that all her favourites seem to have very cold necks. There are lots of make-out sessions and declarations of love… […]


Getting the Third Degree in Venice

Tonight went a little ways towards redeeming my opinion of the season. I actually found myself chuckling at several points (have you ever ‘fart’ in a ‘pooblic’ place?) and sighing at a couple of the romantic moments (Marcus’ admission of love at the group date after party). There were a few cringe-worthy moments (poor Cody’s […]


Judgement Day

How are we all after a week’s break from our beloved franchise? I know I appreciated the time off, although I did start to watch that weird ‘story so far’ episode last week and lost interest after they basically just replayed all the intros from the first episode. Plus, they employed the guy who does […]


Two Part Marathon!

Well that was a bit awkward. I’m not sure how I feel about the end of our two night Bachelorette marathon. But I’ll get to that soon. I’m going to combine the two shows into one recap, just because I ran out of time to write yesterday after watching part one. The show opens with […]


Bittersweet, Sexy and Crazy!

Wow! This episode had it all. Bittersweet dates, robot strippers, drunken debauchery and quite a few moments where I didn’t know whether to laugh or cringe. Welcome to The Bachelorette Week 2! We open with a scene of Andi preening in front of the mirror after waking up. The stylist must have slept in because […]


The Season of Eric

It was a bittersweet start to the season, with a sombre Chris Harrison introducing the show with a dedication to Eric, one of the bachelors who died soon after filming ended. He seemed like such a sweetie, and actually made it to the top of my picks by the end of the episode. I don’t […]


I’m Baaack!

Wow – it feels like forever since I’ve written a recap. Almost six months actually. And in the meantime I endured a very weird season of the US Bachelor featuring Juan Pablo. I still can’t decide whether his refusal to tell Nikki he loved her was because he had emotional problems, or because he wanted […]

Juan Pablo

After the final rose – and the new Bachelor!

Like the Men Tell All, there wasn’t a lot to talk about from this episode. I only had three questions – how did Chris feel when watching Des’ meltdown about Brooks? What would happen when Des met Brooks again? And who is the next Bachelor? All of these were answered, but the only one I […]


The most dramatic finale in Bachelorette history!

I’m not actually sure how I feel about the outcome of this season. I guess I was secretly hoping that Brooks would have a change of heart… so when it started to look like things were taking a different turn at the last minute, my brain couldn’t quite keep up. It all started off so […]

The break-up from hell…

This episode was excruciating to watch. Right from the beginning it became apparent that the dramatic ending had something to with Brooks… and not in a good way. I kept hoping and praying that it was just a red herring like that lame letter Catherine wrote to Sean for the finale of their season. But […]