The Men Tell… Nothing

This won’t be a long recap. Apart from the fact that I watched the last episode on the same day as the MTA and am a bit blogged out, there isn’t much to talk about. Chris Harrison alludes to a dramatic 2 part finale – the most dramatic ever – and he really means it […]

Sorry for the delay…

I apologise for my tardiness in posting these two recaps. Last week I was sunning myself on the beaches of Vanuatu – which doesn’t have good TV reception or a decent internet connection – so I had to wait until I got back before I could witness the greatness that was hometown visits. But then […]

I love fireworks, and with Brooks I actually feel them!

Apart from an overabundance of cheesy metaphors relating to love, tonight’s episode was actually quite tame. I suppose that’s what happens when you get down to the genuine-seeming guys. I don’t know why ABC teased us with such a drama packed preview last week only to show us nothing of the sort this week. Perhaps […]

Barcelona – the perfect place to fall in love

Tonight we got to see a bit of a connection with some of the other guys, but also had to endure a painful extended confrontation between James and Des, James and Michael G, James and Drew, and James and pretty much everyone else in the house. This week, Des and the guys are in Barcelona. […]


Sausage and the Yodelair

Tonight’s preview was a bit deceptive because it showed a few things that won’t actually come to fruition until next week. But there was still plenty of drama set amongst the beautiful snow covered mountains of Germany. [Just a quick sidenote: I just went to put on the TV for my son and an old […]

Las Vegas on the ocean

I’m going to jump right in today… Chris was rocking yet another reversible shirt as he explained to the guys that Des had already left L.A. for Atlantic City. I like to think he has an entire wardrobe of these crazy shirts and wears all of them once before flipping them inside out to get […]

Balls Flying Everywhere!

Tonight we had a couple of group dates, an awkward one-on-one, and a furious ex-girlfriend who turned out to be sort of current… I guess it depends on whether you’re Team Ross or Rachel. The show starts as always with Chris Harrison talking to the guys about how things are going to go down this […]

Episode 2

Groundhog Day and Hooker Heels

Oh. My. God. What did I just watch? Is this season even more ridiculous than previous years or am I just paying too much attention? This episode featured a dream date with about ten different parts, a rap video where the guys were cast as their past season equivalents, and a road trip with a […]


Knights, Abs & Stalkers

Wow! After last night, I’m starting to question my commitment to recapping this season. I think it’s going to be weird, crazy and full of drama. Which is actually quite typical for The Bachelorette, but for some reason, this season looks even more nuts than usual. Normally there are a couple of guys I’m glad […]

Bio Time!

Woo! The boys are finally online! It’s just two weeks until the classiest series of The Bachelor franchise begins (I know the bar isn’t set very high, but it’s still the best). I loved Emily’s season last year and was bordering on unreasonably upset when I heard that she broke up with Jef. It could […]