The most obvious ending in Bachelorette history

There are a few things I never knew until I started watching the Bachelor and Bachelorette. There is a big difference between falling in love and actually being in love. If you say someone is perfect, you normally end up choosing someone else. If you’re trying to decide between two potential partners and with the […]


Semi Final Fever

Wow. Can you believe we’re up to the second last episode of the season already? I read that they weren’t sure how successful an Aussie Bachelorette series would be, which is why they only organised a five week ‘journey’ for Sam. Part of me wants to have a rant about the sexist implication of it […]


Happy Hometowns

That’s more like it! This episode had way more stuff in it! Except they did start with some repeated footage of Sam walking on the beach, so I’m not going to let the producers completely off the hook. The first original scene of the episode begins with Michael in Brisbane (go Brisbane!). Michael awaits Sam’s arrival […]


My Kitchen Bachelor

I think I’m going to be scraping the bottom of the barrel to find enough material to write about for this recap. Tonight’s episode was pleasant enough, but not much really happened. We open with a bit of friendly sparring. Actual sparring. The guys are all in their workout gear, and wait! Are those Richie’s […]


Seeing into the future

Well, this is a rather intellectual start to the show. Richie and Alex are playing a game of chess with a fancy glass set. They are wearing matching blue beanies and a couple of the other guys are cheering them on. I’m sorry, but am I still watching something from the Bachelor franchise? Perhaps I […]


Super yachts and birthday parties

QLD politicans: I have a perfectly justifiable reason for us adopting daylight savings – we can’t participate on social media for the last three weeks of The Bachelorette. Admittedly, it does free up my ad breaks so I can start writing my blog early, but that’s not the point. Actually, I remember a similar issue […]


Butterflies & Bath Houses

Another episode begins by featuring the mansion in some of the usual arty time-lapse photography. I continue to find this footage quite pleasing, despite it making up a sizeable proportion of each show. The guys are sitting out in the garden with their morning coffees. Two of them are wearing tank tops, but everyone else is […]


Tangos & Topless Shoots

OK, quiet guys. Sasha needs to say something. Apparently he found the previous evening’s cocktail party embarrassing thanks to David’s weirdness. He tells the guys that they don’t need the Bro-Code anymore, but they should all just respect each other like decent human beings. Everyone agrees. They toast with cups of tea. I kind of feel […]


The one with the Leap of Faith

Do you want to know how dedicated I am to this show? Last night I was cowering under a blanket with the heater up full, experiencing a case of the flu shakes – yet I still managed to write all the notes I needed for this recap. Yes. I am aware that my priorities are […]


Girl Power!

Am I really doing this? Yes. Apparently I am committing to another five weeks of this madness. Welcome to the first ever Aussie Bachelorette. Finally, they’ve put a woman in charge. Sort of. At least it’s not like this year’s US Bachelorette where the guys got to choose between two Bachelorettes on the first night […]