Happy Hometowns

That’s more like it! This episode had way more stuff in it! Except they did start with some repeated footage of Sam walking on the beach, so I’m not going to let the producers completely off the hook.

The first original scene of the episode begins with Michael in Brisbane (go Brisbane!). Michael awaits Sam’s arrival at the Logan Football Club wearing jeans, a t-shirt and a feminine looking scarf.

Sam sees him and does a run-up kiss. Michael explains that this club is the first one he played at, so he wants to show Sam where it all began for him (even though he’s a real estate agent now).

He presents Sam with her own jersey which has the number 4 on it and her surname. He then tells her that they will be playing a one-on-one game where he will be goalie and she will be the kicker.

Sam tells us that because she has four brothers, she’s actually quite good at soccer, so she warns Michael not to go too soft on her. He assures her he won’t, but then I think he does. She ends up ‘winning’ and jumps into his arms so they can make out.

He then takes her over to Southbank (go Southbank!) where they jump on a small yacht. They get cosy on a beanbag on the bow and drink wine. Michael tells her that they’ve got their daily exercise out of the way, so they can now hit the cheese without feeling guilty. I just had this sudden vision of him in the future making sure Sam went to the gym before having dinner.

Sam tells us that being with Michael feels too good to be true. I wonder if that’s a bit of foreshadowing.

He tells her that she’ll be meeting his parents tonight and it’s a big deal because he’s been single for four years.

‘I adore you. I hope you know that,’ he whispers before going in for another kiss.

That evening, they go to a hotel where Michael’s parents apparently live. Michael’s dad is lovely. He tells Sam she has beautiful eyes and the whole evening turns into a mutual appreciation love fest. He also tells Sam that he and his wife are quite different, but their core values line up. These include love of family, taking responsibility and generosity. He is very understanding of Sam’s situation and says he will be really happy if she chooses Michael.

Michael’s mum is a little more reserved, worried that her son is going to get his heartbroken, but she still approves.

At the end of the night, Michael walks Sam out and shows her a little message he wrote on his hand that says I heart Sam xoxo. He tells her he can’t see a future without her now and they kiss like in the movies.

I really like these two together, despite the whole exercising before eating and too good to be true-ing.

The next day, we meet up with Alex on Avoca Beach. He’s wearing dark jeans and a dark t-shirt, also with a feminine looking scarf.

Sam tells us she doesn’t know how she feels about Alex on a deeper level. She is wearing a slightly weird jacket with elbow patches and looks like a cute nerdy professor.

Their greeting is more restrained than her one with Michael. Alex explains that he’ll be teaching her to surf, so they jump into wetsuits and head out into the water.

Sam is looking forward to a relaxed day because all of Alex’s family is overseas. She’s just going to act like it’s a single date.

The producers set up a GoPro on the edge of Sam’s surfboard, which makes her look like a total surf legend. But then when they switch back to footage from the beach, you can see Sam is really just bodyboarding on really small waves.

They give up and head back to ‘his place’ for a chilled out evening.

Sam tells Alex how great it is that it’s just the two of them for dinner. Except Alex has decided to invite his sister along at the last minute because she only lives in New Zealand, so the producers made her jump on a plane for this slightly awkward family reunion.

Sam freaks out. She is totally unprepared. The cynical part of me wondered if she was just thinking ‘Crap! And here I thought it would be easy to ditch him this week.’

Sister Helen arrives (she’s not a nun, I just meant that she’s related to Alex) and Sam doesn’t know how to act. Helen seems quite bemused by the whole process, asking the kinds of questions that only a non-Bachelor watcher would ask. She can’t understand how Sam or Alex could put themselves through such an uncomfortable situation.

I was looking forward to the bit that they showed in the ads where Sam was supposedly left speechless. They originally made it out to look as though Sam was stuttering over how she would send Alex home if he wasn’t her final pick, but they actually took two different questions and answers and blended them together.

  1. How do you feel about the ten year age gap?
    Uh… um… actually I don’t really like dating guys my own age. So that’s fine.
  1. How would you let Alex down if you don’t choose him?
    (With no hesitation at all) I’m just living in the moment and not thinking too much about the future right now.

At the end of the night, Sam and Alex’s farewell is quite subdued. They don’t even really kiss properly. Alex admits that he’s holding back, and that he won’t open up unless he gets to the next stage.

On to Richie!

Sam has flown all the way to Perth to visit our third Bachelor, along with his mum, sister and half a dozen mates.

The pair meet up at Serpentine Falls for some pre-family alone time. Richie picks Sam up and swings her around in a circle. He then takes her over to King’s Park and a look-out where he stutters awkwardly about how much he wants her in his life.

Sam admits she has a ‘massive Richie crush’ and they tell each other what beautiful people they are.

Richie piles the pressure on by telling Sam how important it is that she get along with everyone tonight. ‘I need to know how a girl’s going to interact with my family and mates,’ he explains.

Sam brings flowers and champagne for Richie’s mum. Everyone is welcoming, but Sam is overwhelmed by all the people. Richie’s friends all have nicknames and are very protective of their boy.

Richie says how glad he is to be home. His mum and sister ask Sam if she’s prepared to leave her family and move to Perth (because Richie’s family is more important than hers?). Sam gives the standard Bachelor franchise answer about compromise and how they’ll figure it out if she picks him.

Afterwards, Richie’s mum says how Sam is nothing like she expected. But in a good way.

Richie talks to his friends about how smitten he is. One of them then asks Sam how Richie compares to the other guys and she gives the other standard Bachelor franchise answer about them all being different but amazing. The friend seems to approve of Sam and gives her a high five.

Richie then sits with his mum and sister and his mum re-iterates that she was pleasantly surprised by Sam’s attitude.

Richie farewells Sam with a quick kiss. I got the feeling she didn’t feel awesome about the whole night, but then I was mistaken with Boy Sam and Snezana after their hometown, so it might not be what it appears.

Last up on the hometown trail is Sasha in Bowral. They meet up in a vineyard. Sasha is wearing a jacket with elbow patches today, and I wonder if that means he and Sam are meant for each other.

They sit on an outdoor couch with wine and Sasha tells Sam that he got a friend to write a song for him to show her how he feels. I didn’t catch the friend’s name, but it sounded like Jack Nicholson.

He does not look like the actor, but he sings beautifully. The first line of the song is ‘I love you so’. Sasha pulls Sam over for a slow dance and a kiss. And just in case Sam wasn’t listening to the lyrics, he tells her that he’s falling in love with her.

‘Oh, Sash!’ she says, clearly touched. It makes Richie and Alex’s dates look positively platonic.

Sasha then ends the afternoon by telling Sam she has to impress his mum.

They head off to dinner and Sam is visibly nervous – way more nervous than any of the other dates. She tells us that she really just wants everything to go well. But when they arrive, she can’t even get a word out.

Sasha tells his mum that he’s falling for Sam a little bit. Mum is concerned. She pulls Sam aside for a chat. Sam tells her that she knew from Night 1 that Sasha was someone who was supposed to be in her life. Mum grills her about marriage and kids. Sam assures that they are on the horizon, but not next week or anything.

At dinner, the family ask Sam how she got through all the crap after last year’s Bachelor. She tells them that her sister was a big help and that she’s lucky to have great people around her.

At the end of the night, Sam and Sasha look like they don’t want to leave each other. I feel like he has to be her final pick.

The third last rose ceremony rolls around. Sam tells us that she is feeling great about two of the guys, but doubtful about the other two. At this point, I can only assume the top two are Sasha and Michael, and the other two are Alex and Richie.

The guys all muse separately in various parts of the mansion and then gather in the ceremony room.

Osher says this is by far Sam’s most difficult decision. Well, duh. I would assume every week is harder than the last.

Sam arrives, wearing a sassy red beaded gown, looking beautiful as always. She doesn’t talk and instead gets straight to the handing out of roses.

  • Michael
  • Sasha


  • Richie

Sam is on the verge of hyperventilating as she walks Alex out. He makes it really easy on her and they talk about how amazing each other is.

We watch Alex in the limo, and I start wondering if that overhead footage is the exact same shot they use every week. I mean, it would be kind of expensive to hire a helicopter every episode to shoot the top of a limo for five seconds.

Next week looks like it’s going to be great – as it should be seeing as it’s the final two episodes. All three guys tell Sam they’re falling in love with her, and there are a bunch of adventure type dates featuring snow, skydiving and helicopters.

See you then!

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