Finally Down to the Final Five

As Heather said tonight, we’re finally out of the ‘six people woods’ and down to the final five. This is only of note because last time the group was whittled down to six, another two women showed up. (BTW, did anyone notice that Girl Sam only gets to choose from 14 men? If they really […]


Ab Sculpting

(Is it just me, or is the above photo a bit disconcerting?) We begin the episode watching a barefoot Sam climb into a kayak out the front of “his” Bach Pad, and head off for a little head-clearing paddle. At this point, all that musing just sounds like ‘blah blah love blah blah journey’ to […]


Face-off between the originals and the intruders

Another girl is gone and another morning rolls around where the remaining women lament the loss of their fellow Bachelorette. It’s interesting to hear what they miss the most about their beloved ex-roomie. In Ebru’s case, it’s the fact that she would always be the first one up, wearing her gym gear and eating a […]


Sweetness and Dark(ness)

It’s a new day and there’s a new villain. It looks as though Emily passed on the baton to Ebru when she ran out to check on her after the rose ceremony. It reminded me of that movie Fallen. I swear I wouldn’t be surprised if she started creepily whistling a Rolling Stones song. ‘I […]


Look out! It’s the intruders!

Wow. Tonight was quite a rollercoaster ride, huh? There were deluded monologues, continued rivalries, a couple of new arrivals, and a rose ceremony storm-out. And it went for quite a bit longer than usual, so let’s get started! There are seven chickies left and they are all talking about how a group date could easily […]


La Dolce Vita and the Death Star

Sam continues the ‘country’ theme by hanging out on someone’s rural property for a bit of introductory footage. He’s looking mysteriously off into the distance with those piercing eyes of his… gazing at the nearby horses… and spouting farm related metaphors about his journey being a fascinating ride so far. The girls are all back […]


Breaking ‘girl code’

While our US counterparts are hanging out in Mexico and engaging in sexual activity in a hot tub on camera (after the guy had led on another woman who happened to be a mother and widow), our sweet little Aussies are doing innocent things, like chasing sheep around a paddock and bobbing for apples. Except […]


The Groundhog Date

I’m not sure if this happens often because I don’t really watch it, but tonight on The Project, Sandra made an appearance. It was interesting to see if she was just as loud and crazy as she was portrayed on the show. The answer is… sort of. She’s not a mellow person by any means, […]


The group date groupie and the world’s longest kiss

…And we’re back for another week of the show we kind of hate to love. Although so far this season, it’s actually been quite a nice show to watch… if you take out Sandra’s voice, which sounds like fingernails being scratched down a chalkboard. I normally don’t pick on contestants’ flaws (unless they can be […]


Nothing says love like a pit of jelly and superhero costumes.

I like how they dive right in with this show. Today, after a quick recap from last night we watch as Heather sits dreamily on an outdoor seat, sketching something in her journal. On closer inspection, we see that she’s actually designing a superhero costume. Awesome. So she’s really going through with her threat of a […]