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Pre-Season Predictions!

Hi all! Welcome back if it’s the first time you’ve visited since Tim cautiously selected Anna as his new girlfriend. But I must say, his reluctance to propose doesn’t seem to have been a factor, because they’re still together! That’s like thirty years in Bachelor time! I contemplated blogging the US Bachelor but was glad I didn’t when the producers turned on Juan Pablo started turning evil. But I am just finishing up a rather strange series of the US Bachelorette. Lucky me gets to blog twice next week!

Anyway, this season we have another yummy Bachelor to watch, who apparently is also an ex topless waiter (the producers must do all their scouting on hen’s nights). Blake is 31, half American, half Australian, and it’s unclear what his current profession is. The official line is that he is a sports and fitness enthusiast (that’s not a job!) and working towards opening his own real estate agency (translation: he’s hoping someone will bankroll his venture once he’s finished making out with 24 women and decided on one as suitable girlfriend / potential wife material).

From the adverts, I’ve learned that Blake has an awesome Barry White voice and seems genuine. Osher is back as host, and this year there will be a mysterious white rose that is supposedly the holy grail of roses in Bachelor world.

I’ve had a quick look at this year’s Bachelorettes in order to make some predictions, but I know I’m going to be way off, at least until the first couple of episodes have aired. In this year’s US Bachelorette, my top pick ended up being an alleged racist / sleaze who struck up a bromance with one of the other male contestants, and then didn’t seem overly shattered when he was kicked off mid-season. And out of my other four picks, only one made it to the Top 4.

So, keeping that in mind, here are my top five Aussie Bachelorette picks!

sam1. Sam

She’s really cute, has four older brothers and isn’t a model or interior designer like 95% of the other Bachelorettes.

shana2. Shana

The single mum poker dealer from the Gold Coast looks friendly and has a legitimate reason for not being able to find someone in the real world. Those kids can really hamper your ability to get back on the dating scene!

louise3. Louise

Louise started out as a small town girl, but has since lived in the UK and US. She is now an events planner in QLD and vaguely reminds me of Ali from Tim’s season.

emma4. Emma L

Emma left medicine to live in LA, and then came back to Australia to become a make-up artist. She looks friendly.

alana5. Alana

Picking the fifth one was tough, but I think I’ll go with Alana. She would be higher up on the list except that she’s a beauty queen, having entered Miss Australia twice.

I’m sure after the first night, my opinions and predictions will change dramatically, so stay tuned and we’ll see how it all unfolds in five days’ time!

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