Semi-important announcement

Hi all,

I hate to do this after committing to a season, but I’m going to have to take a break from recapping the US Bachelorette. I just started a new job, (actually two if you count a beta reading gig I picked up on the side) and I’m struggling to manage everything around my family.

Unfortunately, recapping is the most obvious casualty from trying to simplify my life. I love watching the show, but preparing the recaps takes a lot of time out of my Wednesdays that could be better devoted to work and my other writing. My web traffic is never that great for the US show anyway – probably because there are so many other amazing bloggers out there. So thanks for your understanding. I’ll make a decision about whether I can fit in the Aussie recaps once Richie’s season is announced.

Thanks again. And I apologise to anyone I have disappointed.


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