The Bachelor – Australia!

I am so excited! The Bachelor is finally making a series in Australia! Please Shine, do it justice!

I’m glad Australia is getting with the times and developing its own version of this awesome franchise (yes, it’s awesome and I don’t care what you say!). We already have The Biggest Loser, MasterChef, The Voice and Beauty & The Geek. Why has it taken so long to get The Bachelor?

(For those of you wondering, that is a photo of Heart Reef in the Whitsundays. I was trying to be clever – but if I have to explain it, clearly I didn’t succeed.)

There’s not a lot to report yet on this new series, other than applications close on Friday the 24th May – which incidentally is a few days before Des’ season starts in the U.S.

To read more about The Bachelor in Australia, go to:

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And if you would like to apply, go here:

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